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About Travis Toar

By infusing mental and physical training, I am honoured to help guide you on your path of self-discovery and self-mastery.

It is with great enthusiasm, eagerness and humility that I welcome you to the Focus Training family.

Introducing the Scrolls...

The Focus Training Philosophy

The original Focus philosophy has been segmented into these four manageable  Elemental Scrolls. The purpose of each Scroll is to make the concepts easier to absorb and more relatable.  It is with this focused attention to detail that you, the reader will be able to then physically and mentally apply what is contained in these pages. There is no single, simple answer to the variables that exist when attempting to morph the physical form. It takes a blend of concepts, sciences and philosophies to forge the physical and mental components into a singular energetic expression desired by you.

Water Scroll Element Emblem


Break the flow of old, ineffective training methods with a new depth of fitness methodology.

Earth Scroll Element Emblem


Stabilize your training with powerful new information that binds with your body to initiate new growth and development.

Fire Scroll Element Emblem


Ignite a trail in personal achievements with physical fitness concepts that forge your body in a unique, modern way.

Air Scroll Element Emblem


Embark on a mental journey that opens your fitness mind to thought patterns and realities not previously there.

Water Scroll Element Emblem

The Water Scroll

The nature of Water is fluid, seamless and powerful. Within the ocean, there is an undercurrent in constant motion with the opposing waves crashing above. This pliable rhythm and adaptability is the foundation on which the Focus Training System is built upon. Remember, no two waves are ever the same and human endeavours should be viewed similarly. This interchangeable characteristic of water is a harmony that we should all strive for in life.

Water is the first of four instalments that outline the physical and mental concepts that make up the Focus Training System. Following Water will be the compendiums of Fire, Earth and Air, each furthering the philosophy and factual components of the Focus Training System. Water is a great place to start you on this path of redefinition. Remember, you are an accumulation of all the past events and thoughts that have put you right here, right now. Water binds with all your existing beliefs and it fills in all of the gaps. 

When you pour water into a cup, it does not change the cup to suit itself. Instead, it moulds perfectly to the contours; allowing the maximum amount of liquid to fill it before it overflows. Water and the cup are not inseparable; it is a successful partnership rendering the cup which was once empty, full. The words of Water Scroll will refresh your perspective and allow you to establish a new understanding that will flow into the Elemental Scrolls that follow. Flow with the water, let the written current carry your understanding to destinations unseen and arrive at the fusion of physical actualisation and focus.

“Water is the driving force of all nature.”

Leonardo da Vinci

Earth Scroll Element Emblem

The Earth Scroll

The nature of Earth is grounded. To be grounded is to be connected. The second of the four scrolls is the Earth Scroll. It is an insight into the science and laws that constitute the Focus Training System.

Trees grow roots deep into the ground below, yet the branches reach for the heavens above. As long as the conditions are right, a tree never stops growing. The roots will drive deeper into the earth and the branches above will stretch to the edge of the trees structural capability. Just like a tree, to seek continual growth in all directions is a fundamental, and physical component of the Focus Training System.

The Earth Scroll outlines the physical methods of how to manipulate range, tempo, intensity and angle to help the individual enhance their physical techniques. This growth will directly impact the participant’s body in the form of body morphing or increased performance. This is because Focus is a system that accommodates for differences in all people, and on many levels. It’s not just that we are all different, it can be something as small as finger placement or large as the structural make-up of the person.

Focus uses things like range, tempo and angle to bypass physical and mental blockages. Focus invokes within the participants the connection they need to make the desired technique work for them, by them. By using their own physical understanding and perspective, the participant redefines the physical technique to bridge the gap with the technique’s external inefficiency, thereby making it successful for them.

The Earth Scroll is a welcome addition to anyone seeking fresh perspectives on their current knowledge base. It will help re-imagine what you know into a format that can be reused by your body in a new and fresh way: without the burden of learning completely unfamiliar techniques.  For anyone who has hit a plateau, this is for you.

“Look deep into nature and there you will understand everything better.”

Albert Einstein

Fire Scroll Element Emblem

The Fire Scroll

The nature of Fire is spontaneous. The unpredictability of fire makes it hard to control and discern. This is reflective of the fitness industry, and makes it almost impossible for people to decipher fact from fiction. The Fire Scroll is the third of the four scrolls and helps to identify many concepts that people may not have considered necessary to their success in them reaching their personal goals.

Fire is visually captivating, alive and explosive. Fire adapts to the contours of the earth on with which it bonds. Fire has many variables that are required to ensure it continues to burn. The Focus Training System is like fire in that it evaluates components like equipment, coaching, state of mind, code of conduct and meditation as essential fuels, which ignite the physical furnace that forges the body or skills desired. 

Many consider that they have the required dedication and passion for their goals. But may I ask, are you getting the result you desire? So many are not! This is not because of the participant, but instead the modes or perspectives they have built their belief structures on. Let the Fire Scroll broaden your mind and introduce previously unconsidered perspectives. Fire will unlock your mental and physical potentialities that have been restricted in the past. Embrace the heat, don’t step away from it. Be drawn into the flame, it is the rebirth and change you seek.

“The best thing you could do is MASTER the chaos in you. You are not thrown into the fire. YOU ARE THE FIRE.”

Mama Indigo

Air Scroll Element Emblem

The Air Scroll

The nature of Air is life giving. Air in the Focus context is clarity of thought, seamless physical transitions and mental ascension. Air is the fourth of the four scrolls and opens the door to the conceptual application of Focus Strength and Conditioning, Thought Foundation Principles, Pain as Improvement and Philosophical Focus concepts by Travis Toar.

This scroll helps unwrap the connection between the physical and mental components of training that might be the vital pieces of realisation to get you to the next level of your chosen pursuit. The Air Scroll contains absorbable points of view that link to the current blockage you are experiencing with the cause. The Air Scroll gives you fresh observable connections leading to physical transformation. 

 Lack of philosophy may not seem like a point that many might see as an inhibitor to growth and development. However, you will soon see how the physical components of strength and conditioning can be futile if not interwoven with mental awareness and a keen sense of why you are doing something. This scroll is an excellent addition to anyone undertaking any task, goal or calling. The Air Scroll has within it such strong, realistic points of view that you, the reader will be energized instantly with that ah-ha! moment.  The penny will drop as they say, and you will be filled with a renewed confidence and situational understanding. The Air Scroll is the point where your current knowledge meets with the limitless potential of the future and creates a fusion of focus that is unending and unparalleled. 

The wind of change, whatever it is, blows most freely through an open mind…”

Katharine Whitehorn

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