Male Nutrition Protocol - Weight Loss



Focus on Food:
Within the philosophies of FTS the nutritional guidelines are one that share the multifaceted perspectives that align with our physical training protocols. The information that is sprawled all over the internet and multimedia platforms sends confusing mixed messages about food types to eat, positive and negative guidelines and supplements for any imaginable condition you may procure. Our nutritional protocols utilize all of the useful fragments that exist within this expansive universe of data. We apply nutritional modes of uptake that we use ourselves and for our clients that help attain the goals we set. Having a flexible platform means that we address the notion of the food landscape as one that is available and pliable by us. We don’t distinctly draw lines as an apple is good and cheesecake is bad. On the contrary under the right conditions and state of the individual the exact opposite can be accurate, the apple may not provide the required energy and recovery at that point in time to facilitate the outcome we desire and as such cheese cake can be utilised as the right fuel at the right time for that individual.