Focus Fine Print


Focus Training Systems acknowledge your excitement, however all apparel is run via a pre-ordering system.

Therefore, any and all orders will be dispatched on a monthly basis.

Any digital or online service will be available for download after purchase.

Returns Policy

Digital Services
In relation to any digital service provided by Focus Training Systems you recognise and understand that once downloaded and opened these services are considered of “used” condition and under no circumstance eligible for return/refund or exchange. I

In relation to any physical product provided by Focus Training Systems you are eligible for a return/refund or exchange given that the goods are returned within 30 days of date of dispatch and meet the following requirements:

  • Is in new/resalable condition
  • Proof of purchase
  • Any expense or additional fees to be covered by you

Focus Training Systems DO NOT accept returns/refunds or exchanges if:

  • The goods did not meet your expectations
  • You damage / misuse or fault the goods in any way
  • You have a change of mind or dislike the cosmetics of the goods

Privacy Policy

Under no circumstance is your personal information to be passed on or used in an unlawful way without consent. Any personal information provided by you is at your own discretion.


You understand and acknowledge that any information provided by Focus Training Systems is not in any way identified to cure/treat/diagnose/prevent any disease or condition. We are not healthcare professionals. You acknowledge that all services and recommendations provided by Focus Training Systems are to be comprehended as a guideline. Any information provided by the creator of these services are an attempt to deliver the best possible quality service and any varying factors (numerical value, brand & anything that may alter nutritional configuration) are to be considered as estimations.

You understand that Focus Training Systems cannot substitute in for any professional medical advice. If you do experience any medical concerns or injuries you must consult a qualified healthcare professional.